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Investment Options

In 2020, we established Granite Capital Wealth Management to provide professional management services for clients seeking to invest capital into the strategies taught and discussed within the Trading Dominion community.

We are currently providing services to over 50 clients and have over $33 million of assets under management.


Originally, Granite began by offering Separately Managed Account (SMA) services (opening a brokerage account in the client's name and having authority to place trades in that account). But as Granite has grown, our capacity to onboard new SMA accounts has become limited, so in order to accommodate for this growth, Granite has opened the Keystone Advantage Fund.  This strategic move enables us to better support both the Program and clients going forward.

The Keystone Advantage Fund is a U.S. based hedge fund custodied at Charles Schwab. Its daily administration and auditing are carried out by external third-party service providers, a measure taken to guarantee the fund's integrity and adherence to regulatory requirements.

One notable benefit of the Keystone Advantage Fund, in comparison to the SMA accounts, lies in its capability to engage in trading across ALL the different trade types offered by Trading Dominion. This includes both conventional investment capital and retirement accounts, as well as extending its reach to encompass international clients. This level of trading diversity was not achievable within the SMA accounts.

  Both the Separately Managed Accounts as well as the Keystone Advantage Fund incorporate the exact same  Keystone Strategy

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