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Granite Capital Mission Statement



Our goal at Granite Capital is to manage client accounts utilizing the most advanced and up-to-date strategies available while remaining laser focused on controlling risk and downside exposure.


We are also engaged in a perpetual and ever-evolving mission of reviewing, enhancing, and improving our existing strategies as well as incorporating new ideas and strategies from diverse sources in order to maintain our trading edge.



Granite clients should be confident that every strategy employed in our Program follows well defined, systematic rules that have been extensively tested and have held up to decades of backtesting. In other words, our strategy success is driven by time tested, rule-based discipline that exploits actionable trading edges.

Our Strategies utilize science and data driven facts, not “trader's discretion” and/or luck.



So you can be assured that we are:

1) Applying the most up-to-date, science/data driven, rule-based strategies available.

2) Methodically trading these well-defined, rule-based strategies efficiently and effectively in the market.

3) Implementing these strategies using one of the most efficient, cost-effective Institutional trading platforms available.

4) Monitoring the entire program utilizing some of the most advanced and comprehensive trade monitoring analytical systems available. 




One important thing to keep in mind is that no investment strategy is going to win every day, or every week, or every month and while our annual performance target goal is 20% (net of fees), performance over any given time period will vary.


Our goal is to apply our strategies and rules to the market we are given and extract as much money out of the market as it will allow us to… but in the short term, the market will have its own way.


It is particularly important during turbulent times to remember that we are utilizing a proven Trading Plan and we must allow the plan to run its course.

That may mean taking temporary losses and having periods of drawdowns. These situations are an inevitable part of any realistic investment program. The critical thing is that we manage our risk, mitigate downside exposure, and stick with the plan so we can effectively navigate and ultimately overcome these time periods.


As with most investment programs, this is a marathon, not a sprint and success should be measured in years, not days, weeks, or months. 




Bottom line…


At Granite, we live, eat, and breathe these trading strategies every day, non-stop.


This is our passion and what we think about 100% of the time.


We are also trading large allocations of our own personal portfolio in the Program right alongside everyone else, so this is as personal as it can get.


You can feel confident that the strategies we are employing are the latest, most advanced, battle-tested strategies available and these rule-based strategies are being methodically managed with a level of passion, care, and expertise second to NONE.

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