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Performance Data

Performance Table  030123.png

The light blue shaded boxes above represent hypothetical backtest results. The yellow/green boxes represent live performance results. 

**See below for more details


** Data prior to July 2020 is hypothetical performance of Granite's Keystone Options Strategy. 

Data from July 2020 through Sept 2022 reflects real life performance of Granite's Capstone Strategy (see details below). 

Data from October 2022 forward reflects real life performance of Granite's Keystone Options Strategy. 

As of October 2022, Granite discontinued trading Capstone.

The Capstone Strategy was the combination of three unique strategies (the Cornerstone, Keystone, and Smart Vol Strategies). The intent was to allow the strengths of each strategy to enhance the overall performance. 


The Cornerstone Strategy was an actively managed growth and income strategy that employed Tactical & Strategic Asset Allocation Methods to invest in broad asset classes like stock indices, bond indices, and ETFs. 

Smart Vol was a strategy developed and operated by the investment managers at Invest in Vol. The strategy was designed to take advantage of large spikes in market volatility and was considered a reasonable counterbalance to the Keystone program. 

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