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Granite's Investment Products

Granite Capital offers our proprietary "Keystone Options Strategy designed for sophisticated investors seeking returns greater than those expected from more traditional investment products.

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About Granite Capital Wealth Management

Granite Capital is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm that specializes in investment management services for Individuals, Investment Advisors, and Certified Financial Planners.

We assess each client’s unique needs and create a tailored, turn-key investment plan that will be actively managed and monitored by Granite Capital.

Our goal is to remove 100% of the investment decisions and management burden from the client.


Granite is also acutely aware that there is a large segment of investors (generally individuals who have less than $1,000,000 of capital to invest) that often find themselves unable to access the sophisticated investment products that are traditionally offered to high net worth individuals (due to the high initial capital requirements and/or regulatory restrictions imposed on these types of investment products).

Granite has uniquely positioned itself to be able to service this important group of investors.

Granite offers access to the same sophisticated investment products found at many hedge funds to clients who would not normally qualify for these products.



Granite is committed to being a long term and integral partner with each client as they navigate the path towards financial success.

To learn more about what we do and stand for, please click here to read our Mission Statement.

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